Home Help Services

Assistance with daily and instrumental living activities for qualified individuals. Home Help services include personal care such as bathing and toileting, assistance with laundry, shopping for essentials, dressing, eating, mobility, transferring, housework, meal preparation. This program is available to individuals living in their own homes. The DHHS case manager works with the individual to determine the appropriate amount of care and to establish a budget. Referrals for this service to Tenacious Living are through DHHS case management. Self pay individuals are also accepted.

Community Living Support Services

Services available to individuals living in their own homes to assist in maintaining and improving self-sufficiency while gaining inclusion and participation in the community. These services are provided in the individual’s home or the community setting. Services include assisting, reminding, observing, guiding training in meal preparation, laundry, routine & maintenance household chores, grooming, shopping, budgeting and other aspects of independent living. Individuals should work with their case managers to determine the appropriate amount of services needed to make improvements towards the Individual’s goals. Referrals for this service are through the Individual’s case manager or Lifeways. Self pay individuals are also accepted.

Guardian & Conservator Services

Responsibilities for care, living arrangements and finances when a person has been determined to be mentally or physically incapacitated and unable to assume these responsibilities for themselves.

Representative Payee

For individuals who are not fully capable of managing their own benefits, representative payee services receive Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income and pay SSI and Medicaid allowable bills for that individual.